I can’t prove anything, but I think my mom has been slipping more yarn into the Incredible Stash (IYS).

While browsing the blogosphere yesterday, I fell for the Monkey Socks. Fell hard. I don’t know why it suddenly became imperative that I make these socks, and make ’em NOW – it’s not like I haven’t seen them before… maybe it was just the happy pastel colorway on January One, which is where the urge hit me, maybe it was just the fact that with all the sewing and spinning there hasn’t been much knitting lately. It’s true that I’ve been hankering for something “real” on the needles. (‘Cause don’t misunderstand me, it’s not that there has been no knitting, there just hasn’t been any knitting I give a damn about. I’ve knit the same ball of mohair into about three things and then ripped them back, just for the sake of tying knots in string. The mohair seems to have found it’s final form in a long glove.)

Whatever the reason, I needed to knit the Monkey Socks. Now. In variegated yarn. Only I don’t have variegated yarn, insert one of those arguments between hands and brain here. As usual, hands win and I have to get some yarn.

I’m looking after the house and animals at The Ed’s place, because June is the month they often go up north (several times), and I’m also painting a dresser over there. On which the tiny checkerboard will drive me blind, I’m sure. So when I hit the point where the checks were driving me blind and there was nothing else dry that I could switch to, I went rooting in the IYS for variegated. Which, obviously, wasn’t a big challenge.

Yeah, I’m stealing yarn when Mom’s not looking. But it’ll be ok, because a) she reads this, so it’s not like she won’t know where it went, and b) the yarn I stole was pink and Mom’s a redhead. I’m doing her a favor.

But while I was looking in the gray yarn bin (no, I didn’t want gray, I was looking at yarn) I noticed some stuff that I don’t remember from the last time I was digging in that bin. I think there’s new yarn.

I don’t feel the least bit guilty about spinning, if she’s going to go thwart our efforts at IYS reduction by importing yarn!

Yesterday I worked on the dresser, cleaned the bathroom, made a dress, did laundry and still managed to get this far on the first sock (gauge adjusted for stupid-bigness):

Yeah. I definitely needed that.

‘Awesomeness’ continues, there’s still one outstanding Thing-That-Could-Happen which I won’t jinx by talking about, but even if that doesn’t come through, I’m well into the Cup-Runneth-Over zone, so I’ll have nothing to complain of. My cup did indeed runneth over on Thursday, good things spilling over into the lives of a couple of friends who needed stuff-wot-I-got — which is in and of itself: Awesome!