“Oh, you have a hamster too?”

Tuesday was “Go into town and buy food for an increasing number of animals” day. When I got to the co-op for the chicken portion of the journey, I found that it was also Baby Chicken Delivery Day! I didn’t order chicks this year, since we have quite a few chickens thank you very much, and they seem to be willing to hatch their own eggs, albeit at some very inconvenient times… but chicks are stupid-cute, so I played with them anyway. Then I found out that someone had ordered ducks.

“I want to see the ducks!” So the girl at the desk (who always checks out everyone’s birds, ‘just to make sure they’re ok before they’re picked up’ you know), got someone to load my truck while I peered at baby ducks. Who are, of course, adorable. They look like fluffy little Buddhas, all fat and wise and yellow. Except with bills, and webbed feet. They walked on me with their little webbed feet. I said, “excuse me, I have to go see if I can have a duck.”

That’s a decision for next year. Our next stop was at the pet store in Blenheim, to buy some feeder fish to live in the pond and eat mosquitoes. This is an independant pet store, lots of organics, run by people who just really love animals. They own the ugliest cat in the world. He’s so ugly he goes through ugly, and comes out the other side looking almost good. Maybe she’ll let me take a picture.

Anyway. While Raven was buying his fish he was telling the owner about Velcro, how she turned up and all that, and I think they might have talked about chickens too. Whatever, she knew we had a lot of pets. I, meanwhile was browsing. And I found this:

Raven saw me looking at it, started explaining what it was for, (duh) stopped in mid sentence as he realized what I thought it was for. So I bought it. Honestly, I haven’t seen cotton this cheap unless you buy a huge box of it (probably what the person who printed this home-made looking label did) and I don’t like cotton that much. I just wanted to try it.

It works.

When it’s all spun I am supposed to bring it back to the pet store to prove to the nice lady that while I may indeed be nuts, ‘hamster fluff’ can still be yarn.

More things to look at: (thanks to Jodi and Peter for these shots)

Here’s Jodi working on the Round Thing last friday

You can tell we’re racing in this one – I think this must have been when she caught me, I’m obviously right into it, here!

And this is what it looks like when two people are knitting in the window of a busy gallery, in case you ever wondered:

There will be a knit-night at Artcite on June 23, details to follow when we figure out what exactly they are. If anybody would like to be contacted about it, either post a comment here or drop me an email and I will let you know what’s up. The plan is that this will become a regular thing, so even if that date’s not good for you, if you’re in Windsor or near Windsor or plan to be in Windsor, or just make a weird hobby of collecting information on stitch n’ bitch evenings in various cities, drop me a line and I will keep you in the loop, or contact Leesa at info@artcite.ca for information.

In other news, cats are made of pudding: