Geckogrrl tagged me for the eight random things meme, which is probably about what my brain is able to deal with this morning (what time is it?  What day is it?  I’m pretty sure it’s still May…) So here goes:

1. My favorite color is purple

2. When I was a kid I hated Tigger and used to feel incredible sympathy for Rabbit, whose garden always got trashed.  I feel kind of mad at Tigger right now, even thinking about it.  Insensitive bastard.  Most of my philosophies about life and living can be explained by/are informed by my reaction to Rabbit’s smashed garden.

3. I have a big tattoo of a rose vine all the way down my back, and I always forget that it’s there because I never see it.

4. I have the attention span of a gnat, and if I put down a project for longer than a week there is a really good chance that I will never finish it, or will only finish it out of duty but won’t really care any more.

5. I like bulky socks and bulky sweaters and I like wearing layers even if they don’t make any sense.  I don’t like hot weather because it makes bulky socks and layers uncomfortable.  I like the feel of wearing clothes and I like sleeping under heavy blankets.

6. I read all the time.  I am fascinated by words and love to use them as images.  I paint them on my walls.  I read everything, not just books but signs and cereal boxes – I read things even if I don’t actually know how to read the language they are written in, and try to figure out the words I can recognize.  I cannot fathom how people can ever not be reading, or not have read the entire label of something they bought, because the words are there and therefore must be read!

7. Because I just wrote the phrase “must be read” I am wondering about the etymology of the word “legend”.

8. I don’t really think I’m very creative, most of the time.  I just know how to talk to fabric.  I believe that fabric already knows what it wants to be, and just needs someone’s help in becoming that thing.  Fabric likes me and is nice to me because I rarely try to force it into shapes it doesn’t want to assume.  Listening to fabric isn’t boring.  It is surprising sometimes, the things it decides it wants to be.  I can talk/listen to string and thread, beads and shiny objects too, most of the time.  I have trouble with lace and yarn – they have heavy accents, and there have been misunderstandings.  But I’m improving, with their patience.  I think the fabric puts in a good word for me, now and then.

I’m not going to tag anybody specifically, not because I’m trying to cop out but because I know this thing has totally made the rounds and I’m having trouble thinking of anyone I read who hasn’t already done it… but I like reading what people say, so if you want to do it and post a comment with the link so I can go see, that would be nice of you!

The 25 hours of art thing was lots of fun and went really well, and I have pictures, and I will post about it later when I wake up some more.