Picture heavy post – turns out that “recharge the camera” actually meant “spend two days trying to figure out where I put the charger and then charge the camera”, in which time I’ve managed to generate I pile of things I wanted to take pictures of.

Got a letter from Emily today – ironically written before she knew they were visiting this past weekend. So I got a visit first, and then I got a letter – a double dose of a friend I don’t get to see often enough! Actually, Emily and Dru are very good to us, and come visit quite often, given the relative distances and the fact that I leave the farm so seldom I’ve never seen the last two places they’ve lived (or is it three?) but I still miss when everybody lived in London and nobody lived anywhere else, and we could (and did) ‘do coffee’ almost every day if we wanted. There, I’ve given it away. Emily and I were friends even back in the Time Before Knitting. (BK era? Or should we use BC for “cnitting”?) But I digress.

There was a point, honest, and it was this: While Emily was here, she very sweetly gave me some roving to play with, possibly out of pity and horror when she saw the wool I’ve been spinning… I wouldn’t have said that before the visit, I’ve been spinning away obsessively and quite happily too – look, I made another 50 metres of what will eventually, I hope, be an aran sweater for my brother.

Only 90% more to go. Sigh.

But it has been theorized that since the Big Box o’ Wool used in fact to be a Big Blanket o’ Wool, it is probably actually short ends or second cut or some other manifestation of fleece customarily rejected by spinners what have more sense than I do. Which would go a long way to explain it. Not that I’m going to stop using it or anything, it works fine, I’m just not going to get anything really “dainty” out of it. It’s probably a good thing that the bulk of it is going to this proposed aran. Having spun some of what Emily gave me, however, I have managed to prove to myself that I can spin finely, and with far less rolling of the eyes and flailing of the cat brushes, and no nubbly bumps whatsoever. So now I can at least know that what my wool is doing is what my wool wants and is willing to do.

So here, for contrast, is a picture of my roving from Em:

Yeah, white on white, sorry ’bout that. And here is a picture of some wool from the Big Box o’ same:

Now let’s see that on spindles. Wool from Emily:

And wool from the box:

That with the green is a new spindle too – I made it (out of polyclay) after being intrigued by one Emily was using, but I’m not sure I like it. Can’t be certain, since I’m using it to spin this green as fine as I possibly can and maybe (almost certainly) a bit finer than I really should, so that probably has a lot to do with it. Basically, it wants to go fast, and the wool doesn’t.

So after all that, I got this letter this morning and what did I find inside? More fibre!

I was so excited! It’s like having a secret pal without actually being in a secret pal swap. Also, I know who she is. So really, it’s just exactly like getting a present in the mail from a friend for no particular reason. There will, however, be a swap. I’m totally going to make her an Andean Plying Tool That I Won’t Call By Its Silly Name. (Emily, I wasn’t going to say anything but after this morning I decided to tell you after all. So I put it in your letter, too.)

Further proof that the Box o’ Wool can become pretty things. Here is another picture of it, dyed for that stuff I was spinning last entry (you know, “whee, tiny stripes!”):

and here are the now-plyed tiny stripes, about 60m worth:

See? A little dark circus, just like I said. Raven still doesn’t get it.

Other than that, I’ve been doing Quilted Stuff For Others, mostly. Although I did manage to generate a Round Thing for use at the gallery this weekend. It’s up to two circular needles now, my goal is to get it to four. And then hope that I can find three other people who want to work on it, or I’ll be busy as a one-armed paperhanger, running from needle to needle. Oh well, at least it would be entertaining for the spectators.

So acknowledging the vast unlikeliness of it, if any knitters who happen to read this also happen to be in Windsor, Ontario this Saturday, come drop by Artcite (downtown, Capitol building) and knit on a round thing for a while! I’ve already sucked up to Jodi.

Finally, here is a picture I drew of Velcro, the cat who condescends to let us feed her. Can you tell I’m just taking pictures because I can, now?

I drew it because I have been elevated to the position of “Recipient of Cat Gifts” i.e. dead stuff. She gave me a mouse. Which I guess means she’s getting enough to eat, now! I think probably this picture will end up being embroidered on something, it seems to call for that. Or paint, I suppose, but nothing I need to paint right now lends itself to knotwork.

(Yes, I did give her claws in the picture. It makes her feel better, and certainly makes her look like more of a mighty huntress! No point dwelling on inadequacies that are truly none of her fault!)