Last night Raven stepped outside and was nearly startled out of his skin by three young deer. They were about ten yards from the door. I tried to take a picture, but by the time I’d stopped gaping at the cute (close!) deer and run for the camera they were gamboling around in the field next door, too far away to get a decent shot. Best I could do was this “Trust me, they’re fauns” picture:

Yeah, I know. I wouldn’t believe me either.

That’s ok, though, the universe decided to make it up to me this morning. What’s this, sleeping in the corner of my bedroom window?

Let’s just take a closer look at that…

Yep, he’s right up inside between the screen and the glass. Bet he wishes it was darker, though! Been there all morning.

There’s actually fibre-related news as well, I got the yarn plied – 63 metres of it. Lots of tiny stripes. Can’t show you though, as I killed the batteries on the deer and bat. I’ve got to soak it and hang it anyway, so I’ll charge the batteries and take a pic when it’s skeined.

Busy day tomorrow – finally get to meet the kiddo, and then Emily and Dru are coming for a visit in the evening, yay! So today is “do some more work on the coat and then clear my crap out of the spare room” day. And it’s late already, so I’m going to go do that now. Happy long weekend!