Heaven help me, we have a TV again. Our television blew up, must be two years ago now. We got another one. It blew up even more dramatically, with bright flashes and actual smoke. Since then we’ve had an old monitor which won’t recieve signals, but which we can watch movies on.

Until today. Now there is a nasty noisebox television again. Gee, I can’t wait. I do hope commercials are just as much fun as they used to be.

Actually, I realize I’m feeling rather uptight about that question. The very thought of fast food commercials, for example, makes me feel just a bit queasy. I’m not (for once) being flip, but literal. There was no question that I didn’t miss the idiot box, but apparently I really didn’t want to replace it at all.

Oh well, maybe this one will blow up, too.

If you read Yarn Harlot’s entry about the spinning and the plying yesterday, I can save you the time of reading my conversation with Raven this morning. I’m carding and spinning some wool that I dyed yesterday morning, and the colours are all mixing together in tiny twisty stripes, which will of course be even more twisty and confused when I ply it. I’m very excited about this. I think it’s a real solution for me – remember how I said I really don’t wear much colour? (And those who have seen me on the few occasions I do try to wear color might be able to explain why this is a good thing.) Well when it’s all blended like this there aren’t going to be any big blocks or stripes of colour to frighten me, it will all just kind of mush together in a tweedy sort of way. It seems safer, somehow.

Raven couldn’t get as excited about the tiny stripes. I said it was like a little dark circus, but he just said “I love you”, in that way where the missing first part is understood to be “you are a complete lunatic, but…”.

Here’s a thing I’ve really been wanting to show. I’ve been working on it for a bit now, but it’s only just pulled together enough to actually look like something. This is part of that padded outfit I was talking about. Crazy, no? But I love it. Doesn’t it look like something from a comic book? A winter coat for an X-[wo]man, or something? I’m going to miss this when I ship it out, I’m getting such a huge kick out of having it in the studio.

For all you cat fans out there, Velcro the cat is doing well – at least, she’s eating and sleeping and doesn’t seem uncomfortable. (Oh yeah, it’s a she not a he – managed to do a more accurate examination when there was no distracting tuna involved. Still no claws, though. She was obviously in worse shape than we’d even realized, I’m so glad we found her when we did. She’s lost a lot of muscle tone, and can’t jump up on things she thinks she ought to be able to. So we’re packing in the protein, and letting her rest up. She likes her basket (my basket – note to self: make cat her own basket) and she still likes being on people’s laps.
And she’s killed two mice that I know about.