The Good News:
Raven fixed the truck!  At long (long long looong) last, we have our baby back!  I’m extremely proud of him for managing to do this.  Making the decision to do more truck maintenance himself rather than taking it to a garage – or more likely NOT taking it to a garage and trying to ignore the problem, is not the same as re-building the whole thing from the engine up!  But, he did it, it works, and lord knows, after all that we should have a little while before something breaks again!  I hope.

The Bad News:
Despite having a working vehicle of our very ownsest again, and despite having friends I love in Toronto who would give me crash space PLUS a niece I still haven’t met, I can’t make the date to see the Harlot, because

The Weird News:
I just talked to Chris again, and although I keep waiting for the punch line, it is still apparently not a joke – I am going to be knitting at the Artcite gallery’s 25th anniversary.  I don’t know why this feels so very surreal (um, maybe because the whole thing was arranged at a bar show, by a striped sock?) but anyway, it’s happening.

I’m trying to figure out what exactly to DO while there.  I mean, knit, obviously – but they’re apparently hoping that scores of people will storm the gallery and decide that they too must learn how to knit, quickly quickly! and I’m not entirely sure how to approach that.  Deep in my cynical little heart, I can’t really imagine that it is going to happen.  I’m seeing a few people pick up needles for a few stitches and then wander off.  And yet, it is addictive, and we’ve all seen it happen – that glazed look in the eye, the refusal to put down the needles for “just one more row”.

What I’ve been thinking, since the gallery is also accepting “birthday card” submissions, is that I will make some kind of central image and then get these theoretical knitting knovices to work around the outside of it, and we’ll just see how big it can get by the end of the day.  That way, assuming that there is a group, it can be a kind of group project that will result in a finished object (‘cos when we stop knitting, we call it “finished”) that could stay in the gallery for the rest of the birthday display.  And all the people who support the gallery and the local artists could have actually contributed to something there, both in terms of action on the day and the physical object left behind.  Does that sound like a good idea?  Is there a better idea?  Does anybody have an opinion on whether I’m going to be sitting alone like that crazy lady in Tale of Two Cities?

That’s ok.  If nobody else shows up, I will teach Chris to knit, since he wants to learn, and I will make him try to knit wire.  He’ll like that.