How is it that I ever get anything done? Oh, that’s right – I don’t. Well, obviously that’s stretching it a little, but…
During my week of “oh stupid shoulder please stop hurting now”, I spent some time wandering about and staring at all the projects I wasn’t working on. Here are some things that are soooo clooosssse to being done – and have been, for months:
The walls and cupboards in the kitchen

the upstairs hall floor (ok, it’s not even half done, miles to go there!)

The bathroom floor

Xanadu – this is a jacket that needs one sleeve and about a pound and a half of embellishment

And that’s only the stuff I feel like admitting to right now; the projects that are really bothering me for not being done. There’s twice that lurking in the wings, ready to pounce as soon as I actually accomplish something. (Pounce from the wings? Talk about your mixed metaphors…)
But as previously mentioned, what I could actually do last week was knit. You will notice that none of the pictures above have knitting in them. This is because I do not (did not) have an unfinished knitting project. So in order to knit, I had to start one.

Yeah. Couldn’t just make a hat or something, couldja? Noooo, that wouldn’t be “fun”.
As you can probably guess by the patches, this is intended as a stash-reduction project. Ironically and perhaps inevitably, I had to go get MORE yarn from the Incredible Yarn Stash (which lives at Stalkermom* and The Ed’s place), because I didn’t have a pale gray in the right yarn. I did have a pale gray in the wrong yarn, which was might I add, a much nicer fibre than the cheap-arse stuff I’m using up here, and I wish to heck I could do the project in that, instead – but that would involve actually going out into the world and purchasing yarn, which is verbotten.

Theoretically, once I get it figured out and finished (look, I’m journalling, I’m journalling! I’ve written down every single thing so far!) I could re-knit it using nice yarn. This will actually happen at around the time Hitler purchases his second pair of ice skates.

Yesterday I could finally sew again – good thing too, as I’m way behind on one of those things I actually do get finished – you know, the ones that are for other people? – and had to catch up. I did – but I would have got farther still if I hadn’t slipped in a little pink dress for the baby. Remember the baby?

I’ve never actually made baby clothes for real babies before. They’re so tiny! Look, it fits on my teeny tiny dress form! (Something to do with dresses for bears, I don’t remember exactly.) It is her two-month birthday on the 17th, and Raven, who is completely ga-ga over the kid insisted we buy her a “happy birthday from your favorite uncle” card and send her a present. I still haven’t actually met her, and I both want to and am afraid to – everyone who comes in contact with the wee thing seems to come back with their brains turned to mush! She’s going to rule the world by age two, and does anybody really want an Empress of the Whole World who is in the Terrible Twos? But here is her little little Peter Rabbit dress:

Last but not least (well, ok maybe it is least) is some wool. This is actually last week’s news, but I never got around to posting it. Now remember the First Spin?

(this single ply is pretty close to actual size here, AND this is the good bit)
It was so bad, I was able to comb it out and re spin it, and I didn’t lose any. Really, really bad.

However, I was able to re-spin it, and now instead of four or five yards of very tight roving, which is pretty much how it came out, I have 20 yards of actual, knittable, plied, and surprisingly even yarn.

So yay for me.

*Stalkermom, who hates that nickname, is in fact my mother, if you hadn’t figured that out. She’s wonderfully talented, plays with dolls, hasn’t got a blog and creepily zoomed in on my house with Google Earth. Hi, Mom!