Some friends of ours had a gig in Windsor Saturday night, and we drove in to see them (NOT_digital). We took the Ed’s Valiant, which meant that for the first time since Christmas, I did not have to drive. It’s not that I mind driving, but Raven is a terrible passenger and a better driver than me – and anyway I haven’t figured out how to do handwork while controlling a vehicle. So Raven drove and I, thinking to give it a treat after it’s been so patient with me, brought the neglected sock.

Now, I have to confess, I have not really been taking this sock seriously. Even before spinning, the new baby, took all the attention away from the poor sock, I wasn’t really appreciating it. I was looking at the surface, which is leftover acrylic yarn that I’m trying to use up. I wasn’t seeing the deeper personality of the sock, which is apparently a force to be reckoned with!

I am pretty much a wallflower type. I’m not good at meeting new people, or ‘networking’ – by preference I will stay in my lonely studio and play with fabric and occasionally wish that the blue fairy would come and turn me into someone with the guts to put myself “out there”. Mostly though, I’m content to spend time alone or with my friends in my nice safe ‘closed’ reality. I didn’t even really feel like going out on Saturday, but I haven’t heard these guys play in ages, also there was another friend there who is moving to London this week, and it was the last time I would see her for quite a while. So, I dragged myself and the sock out into the world.

Well! As usual, I spent the evening sitting at the bar, listening to the music and talking mostly to Ron, a photographer friend who goes way back. But the sock? The sock was the life of the party. The sock was all over the place. I lost track of it for a while, because it was talking to people I didn’t know, but at one point I’m certain it was trying to organize a fall fashion show. I overheard it discussing grant applications with someone too, but I think it was only being polite. The sock definitely got me involved in the Artcite gallery anniversary show in May, however, where I will be knitting and forcing encouraging others to knit. It wasn’t the sock that talked to Jonathan about more Ten Dollar Tales work this summer, that was me – but it might have been the sock that negotiated website credit with that group. I also found out later that the sock, through Raven, hooked up with a guy who knows a guy who raises sheep, and it initiated some kind of three-way barter arrangement for wool. I am seriously considering hiring the sock as a publicity manager.

The sock is looking slightly lumpy right now, because I wasn’t the only person knitting on it (OK, maybe the sock is a bit of a slut, but it gets results!) but I’m not going to fix it. There don’t seem to be (surprisingly) any dropped stitches, and I don’t think I have the right to suppress the sock any more. I think I will just let its personality shine. And, I think I will make sure that the sock gets out more often. It’s obviously a good thing for both of us!