So yesterday started out well enough… I got an order shipped off, wrote and posted a reply to my knitting pen pal (if you’re reading this, Jennifer, it’s on the way!), did the dishes, got some laundry done, and managed to make a visible dent in the chaos that is the studio. Not bad! I did accidentally make a bonnet while putting away some muslin, but it could have been worse.

The picture is black and white because it was the only way I could show you at all. My poor little camera and I have been getting along pretty well lately, but it flat out refused to take a picture of a white muslin bonnet in a sun-filled room.
The trouble didn’t start until quite late, when I sat down to try and do some paperwork.
HANDS: I wanna spin!
BRAIN: Sorry, you can’t. We didn’t card wool today. Just pipe down a minute, ok? This is important.
HANDS: I wanna… ooh, what’s that? Look!
HANDS: Sharon B posted a pretty embroidery stitch! Shiny!
BRAIN: Yep, she does that, you know.
HANDS: I wanna embroider something!
BRAIN: Look, I’m really busy, I just… what?
HANDS: I wanna embroider something!
BRAIN: You don’t even like embroidering, do you?
HANDS: Yes I do, shut up. Look, it’s all spiky. I wanna make a seahorse.
BRAIN: Of course you do. You know, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that… all you ever want to make are seahorses and skeletons. If I ever find a picture of a seahorse’s skeleton, we’re in real trouble.
HANDS: That’s not true. Do seahorses have skeletons?
BRAIN: I don’t know. That isn’t the point.
HANDS: I do so think of other things. I think of… socks!
BRAIN: Three out of our last five pair of socks had skulls on them.
HANDS: (…)
BRAIN: Now look, I just need to get this finished, ok? I’ve been putting it off too long.
HANDS: I WANNA MAKE A SEAHORSE! You made a bonnet, and you used the machine and hardly let me help at all!
BRAIN: I’m sorry; I wasn’t trying to leave you out. I just wanted to do it quickly, you know?
HANDS: I’m gonna go pick some colors.
BRAIN: I am not drafting a seahorse for you right now!
HANDS: That’s ok, I’ll figure it out myself. I only want a little one.

BRAIN: I thought you said a little one?! That’s three times the size of a real seahorse!
HANDS: There are bigger kinds. Leave me alone, it’s pretty.
BRAIN: It’s huge! What are you going to do with that?
HANDS: Sshhhh, I’m working. Be still a minute.
BRAIN: (•••••)
BRAIN: Hey! Where are you going with those tiny beads?
HANDS: I need them!
BRAIN: That’s it; I’m outta here!

…And that is why I now have a seahorse sampler, and still need to get a lot of work done. What am I going to do with this thing?