Post your Art on the net April 23
Give something away. Draw a picture, write a poem, post a pattern, write a song.

This started as a protest among writers thanks to some… provoking comments from Howard V. Hendrix (outgoing vice pres. of the Science Fiction Writer’s Association).

But it applies to all art mediums, to bloggers (who the gentleman specifically criticizes, among others, apparently blogging makes us weak) to teachers and designers of crafts, and as far as I’m concerned, really a lot to the knitblog community, because sharing is such a big part of it all.

Post the button, share some work, and/or share your thoughts on what this guy had to say – and he does have some thought-provoking things to say, despite their being couched in fairly offensive terms. And spread the word, please!

P.S. The pretty button, which amuses me greatly, was designed by Leigh Dragoon, a friend of my husband’s, who is a talented artist with an online comic and an obvious interest in this issue!