In about half an hour, I’m leaving to pick up Raven. There are still some things I wanted to get done in the bedroom (how did a relatively small room get so BIG?!) but on the whole I’m happy with it. I’ve stripped and painted that door, but it still needs stenciling done on it. I painted the bookshelf, ditto. There is nothing I can do about the ceiling except hope that everybody will be so wowed by the walls that they won’t look up. I did get the new blankets made, I did hang the drape I wanted, I did manage to make a shaker peg board (woo! Almost like carpentry!), I even managed to sand and stain the badly-abused headboard. And of course, I painted the walls.
So here we go:


Useless wall

Still useless but pretty wall

Painted door (with a working mortise lock, which I have wanted since I was FOUR


And new blankets

Total cost of redecoration: About thirty seven dollars, and all the time in the world. I bought the lock. The red paint was left over from painting the back room a couple of years ago, but I bought it then. (Paint Barn – literally a barn full of paint, at six bucks the gallon!) and the red sari that is draping on the useless wall was seven bucks on ebay. Everything else is Found Object. That mirror I cleaned up and painted after it came in a truckload of “firewood” – mostly old and broken furniture – that The Ed picked up off Freecycle, and the trim paint is freecycle also. (That white? “Dove Wing”. Whatever the heck that means.) The wood for the pegs is from an old shed or something, we’ve got a pile of it kicking around, and the dowel I found in a pile of salvaged dowel and moulding in the utility room. The blanket fabric is all from the Incredible Stash, ditto the pillowcases. (Oh yeah, I made pillowcases.)
So I still need to finish that door, and I haven’t found a solution for the floor either, but I’m thinking rag rugs are really the only way to go. Ever try knitting a rag rug? It works. Got the idea from an old Ladies’ Home Journal (really, really old – 1873) and I’m using one for a bathmat now. Soft, puffy, washable, and way faster than braiding and stitching!