Yes, at last, I have managed to take pictures of the socks. And they are awful. The pictures, not the socks – I really like the socks. The one of the back didn’t turn out at all, I’ll have to try again, but here is a front shot that I think you can actually see:

My mannequin has bent legs, which made it awkward since they’re over the knee, and which is probably why the back shot turned out so awful. I’ll have to try again.

Here they are full length, you can at least see the leg shaping here

Also, here are my in progress “I’m knitting these so I can pretend I don’t have to go up and finish painting” socks:

The design is from a lace pattern book from the 1500s. I was flipping through it the other day looking for stencil designs, and I thought “Hey, look – this needle lace pattern is a big black and white grid! How interesting.”

These are not going to be especially tall, because I haven’t got enough yarn for that.  So what I’m going to do is leave off the second set of birds, but keep going with the central flower design, and just bring it down into the instep.  I’ll put a flower on the heel flap as well, and that ought to pull it together.

I rather like that swoopy sort of edging pattern on the left, too – think I’m going to have to incorporate that into something later.