Woo!  I found a link to the reticella patterns (see last post), with printable size pics, if anyone is interested!

These are from the same book I am using for the new socks. I couldn’t find Cesare Vecellio’s book, which is the other one I have – even Amazon was out of ‘em.  But they do exist in paperback reprints.  The site above is a little strange, but the links do work – my recommendation would be to click the “next” button in the “tiny” row – there are about 15 images there, but the size of them jumps around a bit.  Based on the way my birds are turning out, I’d say his graphs are pretty darn good, so even taking isolated images from these (like the cute little frog in the first one!) should work, in case you happen to need a frog, or a stag, or a god of the sea, or whatever.  Hey, these things come up!