I have done almost nothing except the bedroom. And it isn’t done. I refuse to admit that this job is too big – it can’t be, I’m on the declining side of my pile of “to do” jobs – but time she is a tickin’ and I’m not sure whether I’ll get everything done by the time [hubby] comes home or not.

I got slowed down by the ceiling, and it’s a darn shame because it doesn’t look good at all. It looks like my ceiling was patched by narcoleptic raccoons. And I’m probably risking being sued by a raccoon rights organization for making that kind of a judgement about the abilities of dyssomniac procyonidae, who are just trying to make a living like anybody else.

Right. So then the next problem was painting the walls. The plan was to paint two walls red and two walls in this kind of a creepy neutral color that was going to look good with the red, really it was, trust me. Except that I couldn’t do it. Oh, I had enough paint. I had enough time, and I even managed to move that (HUGE, OMG) bed out from the wall. But I wasn’t able to “just” paint a wall. Those of you already familiar with the history I have when left alone with paint and a flat surface will know what I’m talking about. For those who don’t I refer you, if interested, to the skeleton closet eg.

So I cut stencils. Stalkermom asked yesterday what the stencils were, and I described them – I didn’t realize until I was off the phone that she was probably just afraid I’d been going to say “skeletons”. But no, nary a skeleton in sight:

I also managed to sand and re-stain the headboard while the bed was moved (because I am not moving it again!) and I’m making a shaker-peg type thing for the wall. Also on the list is a cover for the filing cabinet in which my husband insists it is reasonable and convenient to keep his clothing. In his defense, he usually keeps it very neat and organized, but it is still a big metal filing cabinet in the bedroom, which irks me for some reason.

there are some clapped-together bookshelves I’d like to paint-or-otherwise camoflage, and in a fantasy world I will also make duvet-cover things. Not that this is so hard, I just keep adding to my list every time I take something off. Meantime, it’s April, which means that people’s xmas bills are paid off and they’re getting married, so they keep trying to buy things from me, with the result that I have to stop what I am doing and make said things. Silly people, can’t you see I’m painting a bedroom?!

I did finish the big socks, you know! Days ago! I’ve started new ones now! I still haven’t got decent pictures of them (they are really big and don’t seem to look very attractive when lying out flat – I have to try them on legs.) and I’m still procrastinating on posting the pattern – I think I have this fantasy that when the bedroom is finished I shall flop out on the bed and feel all happy and relaxed and type out a sock pattern in celebration. So, um – we’ll see how that goes.