Why do they call it drywall? It is not dry… I’ve spent two days now on this freakin’ ceiling. Put on spackle, go away for a long time. Come back, sand, put on spackle, repeat. Possibly this wouldn’t bother me as much if I knew I could make it look decent by this process, but if I were trying to make a list of my skills? Drywall spackling would, if it even appeared, be very very low on that list. At this point I’m counting on the fact that trompe l’oiel appears slightly higher on that list, so maybe I can hide the hole bump in the ceiling that way. Did I mention it is the ceiling? And did I mention that I am on the less-than-tall side? I am at this point looking forward to painting the ceiling as a nice change.

That’s ok, I have a way to pass the time while I wait: I can write a letter to my new knitting pen pal! Actually, having looked through my meagre supply of stationary, I can make some pretty paper, then use it to write to my new knitting pen pal. Yeah, that’s the ticket! Otherwise, oh person who I shall not name because you don’t know who you are yet, you’ll be getting something on three-ring notepaper that looks like a letter from camp! Not cool.

(Note: although it crossed my mind, I am not actually going to make the paper. I’m just going to make some boring paper look nicer. Unless that doesn’t work, in which case I’m off to the blender.)

Nothing to look at today, but if you’re jonesing for pictures, I posted a couple more masks and a dress on the projects page… the dress is actually from a show I did back in the fall, but it’s really cool and I wanted to show somebody. It’s made with several layers of fabric quilted together and then set on fire. Candles, soldering irons, and sewing – one of my favorite combinations!

PS – Speaking of things to do while I wait, I am only a toe away from finishing the second Giant Sock Of Doom!