So. My time is my own, my husband is out of town, the seven chickens who were running amok in my house have been evicted, and while the dog and I reclaim our territory and adjust to the quiet, I am trying to determine whether I can actually do anything with this horrible, horrible bedroom.

While I decide, I am trying to patch the hole in the ceiling of said room. Now, technically this counts as starting the project, because I can’t do anything else until the holes are repaired. But it’s a big job in a small room full of stuff I have nowhere else to put, so part of me is still shying away! I think, assuming I can “fix” the ceiling (where “fix” refers to a moderately visible lump rather than a gaping hole) I’m going to keep at it. Even if I can’t achieve House Beautiful, I can at least achieve House Less Ugly! With that in mind, I started making a list of all the things I need to do. There are a lot. Pretty much everything, in fact, except (as stated previously) the floor, which I’d still like to cover.

The floor:

Here’s a shot from one corner – doesn’t look so bad, does it?

Ah, but here is a close up of that window

And the foam around that window, with orange sponge blob trim:

And the wall

Here’s a good one – in a room where one wall is a slope, another wall is missing:

We found this door in our friend The Ed’s barn, can you tell?

Here’s that hole in the ceiling I’ve been going on about – the roof is fixed now, but the damage remains!

So you see what I mean. Now, there are a couple of obstacles (or shall I say “challenges”) involved in this job.

One, I haven’t got my own car, because our truck done got broke and ain’t been fixed. I’ve been borrowing StalkerMom’s car, but I’ve had it for a really long time and she wants it back. I can hook rides with her and/or The Ed if they’re going anywhere, but without my own transportation, and with the nearest town (which has only got the “general store”) a half-hour walk away, my ability to procure -well, anything – is severely limited.

Two. I haven’t got any money anyway. That’s just flat-out true, the few resources we’ve got to play with have already been allocated to other projects. Important projects like “make plumbing work” and “stop the front of the house from sliding off”. Projects I don’t really want to embezzle from.

So! Any changes that I make to this room will have to be accomplished with tools and supplies that are already in my house. This is not totally unreasonable, because since the house is overall a work-in-progress, we are constantly scrounging materials. We’re packrats and scavangers generally, plus our strange and varied hobbies mean that a wide range of skills (or at least theoretical know-how), tools and stuff-what-can-be-turned-into-other-stuff are readily available. I think I can do this. When I’m done, it may be weird, and it will probably have a bumpy spot on the ceiling, but it will be mine, and most important of all: No more blobby orange!