There are (as has just been made abundantly and publicly clear by the labors and inspiration of our beloved Yarn Harlot) a lot of knitters out there. Large numbers of whom ‘blog’. Knitting and blogging, creating this huge community… I think I’m having some sort of exclusionary crisis. I’m not worthy!

Nah, crisis is waaay to strong a word. But can I tell you how thrilled I was the other day when Domesticat told me she didn’t want to conceptually restrict her blog to just knitting? How I wanted to jump for joy and reach out to hug this person who, technically, I was only just meeting at that moment? And only virtually meeting at that?

I love knitting. I love knitting more than I love knitted objects, actually. I suspect that’s why I (and perhaps many others) like socks – they’re small to store, practical, they can be fun and/or fancy but plain is perfectly acceptable, and you can’t have too many of them. Maybe you can have too many, but it would take a long time. Knitting is soothing, sometimes meditational. Socks &c. are just a nifty side effect.

Knitting is portable. I can knit while riding in a car, or waiting in a doctor’s office. Since I live in a rural area and my husband is on medication that requires his doctor’s supervision and adjustment, I do a lot of both. I like to knit in the mornings – I sit on my porch and watch the day brighten, drink coffee until I can see straight (maybe it isn’t the day that is brightening after all) and knit. I can knit with morning coffee, when heaven knows I’m not competent to do much else! I can knit while watching a movie, which isn’t true of many other activities. Knitting offers a good balance of having something to do while not being so distracting that you lose the plot. (Papier maché works pretty well too, I’ve recently discovered, as long as you don’t mind the mess!)

But there’s the rub – I feel like I am not so much a knitter as I am a person-who-knits. I do lots of things. Most of them involve taking a raw material of some kind and turning it into something quite else. String into fabric. Newspaper into sculpted objects. Fabric into other fabric into garments. It’s the transformation that I love. I suspect that’s why I keep wanting to raise sheep spin (I know, I know, so do it already! Trust me, it’s on the list.) – raw wool into string into fabric (and of course knitting sneakily can skip a step and move directly into garment while becoming fabric) is an even cooler transformation.

I think secretly I’m looking for a way to create some not-horrible magnum opus that requires and combines all of these transformations. Probably that’s why I like decorating the house so much – it doesn’t combine the many things I like to do, but at least it utilizes them.

Next: The immediate relevance of that home decorating reference, or “I hate drywall this much!!”