Aemmeleia got me looking at my blog stats, partly out of curiosity and mostly as a way to stall while I figure out what I’m doing today. It was thus that I discovered someone clicked on my site after doing a search for “blog dockside prostitutes”. What is going on with my meta-text? Admittedly, I had been joking with Kate about “Dorian Gray and the Syphilitic Dock Whores”, but not here!

I think I’ve been sharing a brain with the Yarn Harlot. To some degree, of course – to a fairly large degree, as far as I can tell, lots and lots of us share a brain with the Yarn Harlot, and I can think of worse ways to be! But I became slightly alarmed over the whole redecorating the bedroom incident: My husband is going away in April, and my shows will be over, and I have been planning for months to redecorate the bedroom while he’s out of the way. Like Stephanie, we live in a big old house with many a broken bit. Like her, we’ve been ignoring the bedroom in favor of the more public parts of the house, and like her I have finally reached my break point and realized that I want/need a bedroom retreat that does not make me feel like I’m camping out in a small storage facility. A small, broken, ugly storage facility. With sponge painting.

Our room used to be a child’s room – the actual master bedroom I took for my studio, because it has a giant wall of south-facing windows. (I live in Canada; south facing windows = light and heat.) Also because it was, when we moved in, big enough to contain the fabric, yarn and various other supplies that make sense to me, as well as my machines. Four years later, of course, I’ve got yarn stashed in nooks all over the house, and have formally co-opted half the guest room for extra fabric storage. But I digress.

Obviously, at some point, the child whose room this was was allowed to make decorating decisions, and help with the painting. Probably this was a fun and healthy exercise for said child. The room is pale blue, with dabs of white sponge blobs everywhere, and orange sponge leaf patterns as a border. These last are fairly symmetrical where done by an adult or older child, and blobby orange and crowded where done by a helpful younger child. The two techniques meet under the window. The window (all unreplaced windows in this house need very badly to be replaced) has had its drafts sealed with expanding foam, which (like The Harlot again) we have not cared enough to cut off. There is no floor, just sub-floor – and that will not change when I redo the room, as I haven’t a solution yet for that particular problem. I’m thinking at least a rug might help!

I don’t know whether I’m kidding myself – Raven will be gone long enough for me to get the job done assuming that I’m not swamped with other work, but “other work” is in fact starting to back up a bit, and I may be in denial, thinking about all this ‘free time’ I’m going to have in April. But I’m still planning to give it a go – at the very VERY least, I am going to get some paint on the walls and at last see the end of the sponge blobs! (Orange sponge blobs were quite the theme in this house – someday I will tell you about the bathroom!)