Much Ado opens one week from right now, (there’s a morning school show) and I’m not panicking. I can’t really imagine why. Went over the designs with Jeff last night; we hadn’t done that since January, and a whole lot has changed since. I know precisely what I have done, and what I have yet to do.

So why aren’t I panicking?

And now for something completely different: Baby Pictures! No, not mine – I mother vicariously through chicks and through other people’s babies. In this case, the baby belongs to my brother. He and his wife (well, his wife and he, she really should get top billing in this, don’t you think?) have produced a small and apparently somewhat blurry child:

That’s her at four days. (She was born on St.Patrick’s day, what great birthday party opportunities! ) I have yet to see the actual child, but I expect she’s a little sharper around the edges than this pic would indicate – on the other hand, maybe not – she’s a baby for goodness’ sake!

For those of you who aren’t moved by cuddly wiggly children, I promise there will not be many such pictures… maybe one more entry, and then I’ll restrain myself to pictures of things I’ve made for the kid – which could be a while. I’m looking forward to the dress-up box stage, myself. Kid’s gonna have the neatest costume box in the greater Toronto area!