People must be cleaning out their closets or something, because I am suddenly being asked all over the place to do alterations. Little hint? I don’t do alterations. Nobody has a close enough personal relationship with me to be able to expect that I won’t mind altering something. I’ve thought about it quite a bit today and I’m pretty sure that it is not possible to offer me enough money to do alterations. By the time someone got into a price range where I might begin to at least consider it, they would be mad to pay me.
I do occasionally turn things into other things, which is an alteration of a sort, I suppose. Until this morning, for example, this was two leather dresses:

That was Don John’s doublet. Here is an in-prog of Benedick (that is the greatest name Shakespeare ever gave a character, I swear!)


And here is Leonato’s mask, waiting for varnish: