Managed to finish one above-the-knee cabled sock. Managed, in fact, to cast on the second one, and am hoping to get it well under way, because ‘second-sock syndrome’ is going to be a bitch on this pair!

Dorian Gray closes tonight, and Much Ado opens in under two weeks. That show is progressing not too badly, but I’ve got that “get everything started so it’s all going at once” thing going on – actually a decent approach, I find, but it takes longer to get the satisfaction of “well there, that’s out of the way!” Oh, and yes, definitely that robe is a tip of the hat to Eiko and the brilliant costuming she did for Coppola. I couldn’t not acknowledge how much that movie influenced the way that I approach costuming in the first place, let alone the fact that I was given so much freedom on a Victorian pseudo-gothic!

In the end, I’m happy enough with Dorian. There is a strange dissociation that happens once I deliver costumes; I can work on something for weeks and yet when I see it on the stage it’s as if I were not responsible for it at all, as if I had never seen it before. (At least, that is what happens when I do a decent job. That inexcusable thing that was happening on the back fold of Rob’s tailcoat? That was all mine, and I feel really bad about it!) But the ones that are good make me so happy. There’s pride, of course – of all the seven deadlies,Vanity has got to be my favorite – but more than that there is an almost disbelief, a feeling of being so lucky to have made this nifty thing. Then I become fascinated with them and stare at them, and tell the actors how great they look, and probably sound like the most vain bitch in the room – which, and I say this in the most loving and friendly way possible because I wouldn’t change it for the world – is a bit of a trick in a room full of actors! But really, it’s all about them, because by the time they’ve put the clothes on and are moving in them, I’m done, I don’t have anything to do with those clothes at all, I can only admire them and be grateful that somehow all that fabric is doing what I wanted it to do.