Here is one of Dorian’s robes – the one he stabs the portrait in, in fact:

Well, enough with the whining. Today I decided to work on the monkey-butt pants for Much Ado about Nothing. I even did, for a while. “Monkey butt pants” are actually like pluderhosen (the slashed and baggy breeches? 1600s? You with me?) but they are designed for hunting, i.e. bouncy horse riding. So they have a clever leather butt insert, shaped for comfort and sturdy for hard wear. Unfortunately, (in my opinion) the result is a snug leather ass hanging out of a pair of bright and baggy pants.

I first saw them years ago, in Janet Arnold and thought to myself “why in the heck would I want to make those?” Serves me right. The low comedy in Much Ado is the three watchmen, and so it didn’t take me long at all to decide that monkey butt pants were what was needed. Instead of leather butts, they will have brightly colored ones, and the pants themselves will be greys and browns. I’m even making the little gusset over the tailbone be fun fur.

Most of what I’ve done today, however, has been knitting. I finished the poorboy sweater the other night, and am quite happy with it as boring basic gray sweaters go, but what I wanted today was something a bit more fun, a nice soothing piece of knitting that required enough attention to distract me from whatever it is I might be supposed to be doing. The coming two weeks will either be insanely busy, or will be a time of readjustment to actually having a life and working on reasonable, attainable project goals, and I’m not sure which it is – so today was sock day. Cable sock day.

It seems, in fact, to be Cable Sock Season – they’re cropping up everywhere, and StalkerMom has been slipping me cable and/or lace sock patterns for months. I don’t know if my feet will be warm next winter, but they sure could be pretty! I’ve been jealous of the cable socks, but unable to start any of my own before now, knowing full well that I won’t finish. But last night we threw in a movie (Da Vinci Code, meh) and I cast on a sock. It is inspired by – well, just everybody. I’m trying to be a good girl and keep a journal – so far so good, I’ve even jotted down a rudimentary chart. I always try to keep a log, and always stop halfway through, but I’ll try and see this one through, so if it works I can post the pattern. So far so good: