What I want to be doing right now is knitting. What I am doing is making a parti-colored lozenged clown-themed doublet for Benedick in Much Ado about Nothing, but I wish I was knitting.

Knitting is soothing.  It’s meditative.  I am an obsessive counter – I count buttons, inches, scoops of coffee, beads, nails, steps when walking… it can get  intrusive.  But when knitting, one is supposed to count.  I can count stitches or rows or pattern repeats over and over again, the numbers changing as I progress (or reassuringly staying the same, as is appropriate) and it doesn’t get in the way at all – it’s actually helpful!  My mind slows down, and while my back-brain is rolling ideas around and making plans (that’s what it’s for, after all) my forebrain is allowed to count happily and focus on nothing, which keeps it out of the way of that mysterious back-of-the-mind idea centre that’s really doing all the work.

Right now knitting is the best means of relaxation I’ve got – due to our end-of-winter plumbing issues, a relaxing bath is right out, and since I’m not allowing myself to wallow in a good novel right now (or even a bad novel) the only books I grabbed on the last trip to the library were nonfiction – mostly about knitting.

I have got a sweater on the go – a very simple ‘poor boy’ style in a gray tweed  blend that I picked up (for 99¢!) at the Goodwill.  For some reason, the last time I was there they had huge piles of yarn.  I didn’t go completely nuts, as I’m trying to get a handle on my portion of the Incredible Yarn Stash, but I did feel it was my duty to help out.  Conveniently there was just enough of this tweed to make a simple ribbed sweater for spring/fall or as an underlayer in the Great Cold Time, and also conveniently, I’d been wanting one of those.  In gray.  I love it when a plan comes together.